Alphone Mucha's brilliant bigger-than-life-size Art Nouveau poster of Sarah Bernhardt in Gismonda. The actress wears a golden Byzantine gown with orchids in her hair, holding a palm frond, with her head outlined by an arc like a halo. See it at the Mucha Museum, Prague

This Art Nouveau poster of Sarah Bernhardt in “Gismonda” is the work that jump-started Alphonse Mucha’s career, the one that quickly turned him into “the most famous artist in Paris” in 1895. The soft, flattened colors, the sinuous lines, the complex detail, and the circle behind the actress’s head, all became his hallmarks. You can see it at the Mucha Museum, in Prague. One of the “Prague Secrets” the insiders know about. “praguesecrets “prague “artnouveau “aphonsemucha “muchamuseum “thingstodoinprague

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